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This feature is only available to users on our current plans (Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise). If you're on a legacy plan and are interested in switching to a current plan, please reach out to us at <[email protected]>.

The Purpose of Article Requests

The Article Requests feature is designed to both allow your users to request new articles they can't find in your knowledge base and to help admins/contributors manage submitted Article Requests in your content management site.

Where it Appears in your Published Knowledge Base

Once enabled, the Article Requests button will appear for logged-in users in five places in your published knowledge base site:

1. The Homepage
2. The Search Results Page
3. The Manual Page
4. The Chapter Page
5. The Article Page

How End Users Submit an Article Request

After clicking the button from any one of the locations above, your end user will be presented with a form to fill out their question to be answered, as well as any other details.

Where it is Managed in your Content Management site

Submitted Article Requests can be viewed, prioritized, filtered, sorted, and updated from Content Feedback > Article Requests.


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