How to Provide Feedback to Editors (Using Notes)

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You can include notes and author feedback on individual content blocks.

Click the title of the article

Navigate to the Admin area and click on the title of an article. This will open a preview of the article.

Click the notes icon

A note icon appears to the right of each content block. open the menu and click Add note

Write your note > click Add a note

If you type @ then you will have the option of calling out a specific Admin or Editor.

See which content blocks have notes

Editor receives an email

If you call out an Admin or Editor, then he/she will receive an email with the note you write, as well as a link to the note.


John Karl Dusenbery

I have a feature request.
As an editor, can I see a list of comments other editors have made on the web dashboard somehow instead of just getting an email?

Also, there needs to be a better way to do peer-reviews of content that Editors have authored. What I would request is a different user type altogether that can write notes on different content but doesn't have access to edit it.

Jonathan DeVore

@John Regarding the first request, you can view all revision notes in the Admin area. Here are instructions for doing so:

Regarding your second request, I created a feature request:

Thanks for your feedback!

John Karl Dusenbery

I can't see "Revision Notes" on the Dashboard on the side when I am logged in as an "Editor." So, that defeats the purpose of another person making a note because I have to drill down through all my content just to see if anything has a red dot indicating a new note was made.

Trevor DeVore

@John - You are correct and I have good news. We are currently working on a UI update that shows all revision notes in the dashboard on the side.

John Karl Dusenbery

@Trevor Thank you! I already see the "UI update that shows all revision notes in the dashboard on the side."

I am following the feature request about adding a "Reviewer" user type, thank you. My team is anxiously awaiting this awesome new feature.

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