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In ScreenSteps a file can be attached to an article as part of the main content body. Just select File Attachment from the content insertion menu.

The max size for a file attachment is 20MB.

File URLS: It is important to understand that ScreenSteps does not function as a file sharing service. When you attach a file to an article, ScreenSteps will maintain the link to those files, handling viewing permissions automatically. You should never copy the link to those files to insert into other articles or into other web pages outside of ScreenSteps.

If you need to host files for sharing then we suggest that you use a third party service such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

As long as you use the method described below to attach files, your file attachments will work just fine with your articles, but if you copy the links to those files and insert them in other places, those links will most likely break eventually.

Add an Attachment content block

Tool Tip

To learn more about adding content blocks to an article refer to the Add new content to an article help article.

Select file

In the ScreenSteps desktop editor you will be prompted to select a file from your computer.

In the web editor you will be presented with the option of dragging a file onto the editor or clicking the browse link to select a file. After you select a file click Save Attachment.

Select file

The attachment is added to your article

The attachment will appear in your article with an icon alongside it.



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