Understanding the article, checklist, and workflow articles types

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In ScreenStep there are three different types of articles:

  1. Article
  2. Checklist
  3. Workflow

Checklist and Workflow articles are not available on all plans. If you do not have the option to create checklist or workflow articles please contact us by using our live chat feature or emailing us at [email protected].


This is what you would consider a standard knowledge base article. You can add headings, foldable sections, text, images, tables, file attachments, and video.


A Checklist article supports all of the content that an Article type does, but it adds a checklist item content block. A checklist item provides a high level description of the step a reader should take while going through the steps in the article. You can nest detailed instructions of how to perform the step under the checklist item. A reader can click to expand the checklist item to see the detailed instructions. In this way, users who are familiar with the steps see an uncluttered checklist. Users who need more details can expand the checklist item to get step-by-step instructions.


A Workflow article is an interactive decision tree that walks readers through a more complex process. It supports all of the content that an article and checklist do, but adds questions, answers, and steps. A reader will progress through the workflow a question or step at a time. As they answer a question or complete the instructions in a step they are presented with the next question or step. Use workflow articles when you need the reader to perform a complex process just like an expert every time.


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