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Save changes as a draft if you don't want the changes to appear to the public. Only other authors working on the article will be able to see the changes.

Save as draft

If you don't want the changes you made to an article to appear to the general public then click the Save as Draft button when you want to save the changes. The changes will be saved to a draft on the server and will not be visible to the public.

When you are ready to make the draft version available to the public you can publish it.

Web editor Save as Draft button

Save as Draft (Web)

Desktop editor Save as Draft button

Save as Draft (Desktop)


Steffan Stringer

Can you confirm that there is no 'public facing' indicator that an article is in draft?



Greg DeVore

Steffan - That is correct. Your end users would not know that there is a draft version of the article.


Hi, Greg and Steffan,

It would be realy usefull to have a functionality to store version numbers in the articles, so that you can distiguish articles releted to different versions.Of course it would then be necessary to be able to select on the version number. That way customers or end users can select the version of the software they're working with. Are you planning on this?


Thomas Dessing

Greg DeVore

@Thomas -

I would suggest adding something like this as a feature request here:

Allen Hancock

Would there ever be a case where more than one draft is allowed (I hope not, just confirming)

Trevor DeVore

@Allen - no.

Can you Delete a Draft?

without removing the article that the Draft was based on? We have old draft copies hanging out

Trevor DeVore

You can't delete any revisions of an article. If you want the draft to effectively disappear then you would restore the "current" revision of the article. This would make the current version of the article the latest revision which means the article is no longer in draft mode.

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