How to add existing images

Updated Jul 09, 2018

Add existing images (web)

Select Image from the options that appear when you click on the + button that appears above or below content in the web editor.

You can either drag and drop your image into the designated area or click the browse button to display a file selection dialog.

Add existing images (desktop)

You can add existing images to your articles in the following ways:

  1. Dragging images onto the image field
  2. Inserting an image file
  3. Copying and pasting the image
  4. Importing images

1. Drag images onto the article

You can drag images from another application (like Word or iPhoto) or as a file saved in a folder.

When you drag an image onto ScreenSteps, a new step will be created.

You may want to adjust the auto scale for your article so that when you bring images over they are the right size for your article.

2. Inserting an image file

Click on the + button in the toolbar (or the + button that appears when you hover the mouse over content) and select Image Files. You will be prompted to select an image file on your computer and it will be inserted into the article.

3. Copy and paste image

If you have an image on your clipboard, you can click on the whitespace in your article, and paste the image into ScreenSteps.

4. Import images

If you have one or more images that you would like to add to a ScreenSteps article, just import the image files into an open ScreenSteps article. Each image will be a different step.


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