What is the Launch Pad?

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While the desktop editor is designed primarily for editing articles, the Launch Pad window does allow some basic access to articles in your account, articles you are editing, and recent articles you've looked at in the desktop software. It also allows you to create new articles.

Don't know how to open the Launch Pad?

Finding Articles

There are two tabs in the Launch Pad dedicated to finding articles.

My Articles

The My Articles tab will only show you articles that have you as the owner. You can use the Site, Article Status, and Search field to further refine results.

The Search tab allows you to search all articles in your ScreenSteps account. It does not filter by owner.

Articles Being Edited

The Articles Being Edited tab shows you all articles that you have opened on the computer the desktop software is installed on and which you have made changes to. Whenever you open one of these articles the version you are editing will be opened rather than the latest version from the ScreenSteps server.

Creating Articles

To create a new article click on the Create Article button.

  1. Select the site, manual, and chapter you want the article to be created in
  2. Enter an article title
  3. Click Create


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