How to align annotations

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This feature is only available in the desktop editor.

Select annotations you want aligned

You can select multiple annotations at once by holding down the SHIFT key while you click on different annotations.

Right click on the annotations > Align annotations



I don't seem to have control of the annotation that I want the others aligned TO. I have tried selecting 3 in top to bottom order and then right click/align on the top one... they all snap to the middle one.

What's the rule here?

Blue Mango

Annotations will snap to the left-most annotation when aligning left, the right-most annotation when aligning right, etc.


I do not get the option to Align when I right-click the selection box.

Trevor DeVore

@Randy: Can you confirm that you have at least two annotations selected? It won't show up if you only have one annotation selected.


@Trevor: Yes, I have four annotations selected.

Trevor DeVore

@Randy: Hmm, are you using ScreenSteps 3? What is it you do see when you right-click on the selected annotations?


@Trevor: Yes, I'm using 3.0.10 build 11. The options I get are Cut, Copy, Duplicate, Add Screencapture, Add Image File..., Order, Align and Delete. Paste Annotation, Apply Settings to Other Annotations and Apply Annotation Preset are all grayed out; but there is no Align.

Trevor DeVore

@Randy: You can instead of as an option? Something isn't right about that. Can you email [email protected] with a screenshot?

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