How to Notify Someone that They've Been Assigned an Article

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Each user has the option of receiving an email if they are made the owner of an article or a comment. These instructions will show you how to change the setting for your user account. If you are an Admin you can also change the setting for another user by editing their user profile and modifying their Email Subscriptions.

Select Profile from Account menu

Account > Profile

From the user profile, check the Receive an email when I am made the owner of a comment or an article checkbox and click Update Profile.

Update setting


MaKenzi Bates

Does this apply to being assigned as a Process Owner or when you've been assigned to an article? Will this generate an email to the Assignee or Process Owner?

Trevor DeVore

@MaKenzi Bates - the setting applies to becoming the assignee (we used to refer to this as the "owner"). An email is not sent out when someone becomes the Process Owner. The Process Owner does receive emails when an article needs to be reviewed and certified, however.

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