How do I notify another author about a change that needs to be made?

Updated Jun 28, 2018

ScreenSteps lets you add notes to articles and notify other authors when changes need to be made. You can work with revision notes in the web article editor or the desktop article editor.

Finding revision notes in the desktop editor

Starting with version 4.0.7 of the desktop software you can add, edit, and delete revision notes. If you are using an earlier version you can only read revision notes.

The desktop editor displays revision notes in the property inspector on the right of the article editor. By default, notes that apply to the article as a whole are displayed in the column. In the example below, the article has one revision note.

To view or edit revision notes that apply to a particular block of content in the article click on the revision notes icon. The notes for that content block will appear in the revision notes area and a link to return to the article revision notes will appear.

Finding revision notes in the web editor

Click on the article's title

  1. Revision notes for the article appear in the Revision Notes tab.
  2. You can click on the notes icon next to a block of content to view notes associated with that content block.

When you click on a content block note the notes will appear.

Using Revision Notes

Now that you know how to access revision notes in the desktop and web editor we will review the basics of using revision notes. The screenshots in these instructions come from the desktop software. The ability to add a note, reply to a note, mention people, etc. are present in both applications though.

Add a note or reply

You can add a note or reply to an existing note.

  1. To add a new note click in the text field at the bottom of the revision notes inspector.
  2. To reply to an existing note click on the Reply button below the note.

@mention other people

If you mention someone in your note then they will be sent an email with the note contents. Just type the @ character and a list of authors that have access to the article will appear.

The name of the person you select will appear in your note.


When you reply to an existing note your message will appear indented under that note. There is only one level of replies. Revision notes do not support nested replies.

Be aware that deleting the parent note will delete all of the replies.

Mark as resolved

If there is a task associated with a note and you have finished it you can mark the note as resolved. To mark the note as resolved click the checkmark icon.

The note will appear differently when the note has been marked as resolved. You can click the checkmark icon again to change the note status to unresolved.

Delete a note

When you no longer need a revision note you can delete it. Click the trash can icon and the note will be permanently deleted.


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