How to Manage the Content Certification Process via Reports

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Once you have tracked certification for your appropriate articles, you can manage the process by following the steps below.

1. Go to Reports

2. Choose Content Certification

3. View a list

  1. Adjust the filter settings at the top, as appropriate (for example, you might want to first focus on published articles (vs. unpublished) in a specific manual where you are assigned as the process owner.
  2. Click a View List button from the options available to see the list of articles in the All Articles section.
    • If you have Expired Articles, that's likely the best place to start (includes all articles that have either had a previous content certification expire or are being tracked but have never been certified), followed by Articles Expiring in the next 7 days.

4. Click into an article

5. Review/adjust Properties, as needed

Move through your standard article review process to ensure the content is still accurate.

  1. Ensure someone is assigned
  2. Ensure a status is set
  3. Add revision notes, if appropriate

6. Certify the article

Once your article has been successfully reviewed/updated, certify it by following the steps here: How to Certify the Contents of an Article


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