How to view revision notes and other activity for an article

Updated Aug 06, 2019

The Activity Stream shows a history of who modified an article and when. The activity stream can contain notes about changes that were made to an article as well. The Activity Stream is available in the web application only.

Revision notes are notes that can be added to an article (or specific content blocks within the article) in order to communicate with other authors about changes that need to be made. Revision notes can be created in the web application. Revision notes can be viewed in the web editor or desktop editor. 

View revision notes and other activity

Click the article title

click on article title

View Activity Stream

activity stream

View Revision Notes

view revision notes


Justin Schubert

Desktop V4.0.4(432)

I can't add any notes to the sections. The little 'notes' icon is visible for each section, but when you click on them, you can't type anything in.

Trevor DeVore

@Justin Currently revision notes can only be viewed in the desktop editor. You need to use the web application to add revision notes. A future desktop update will allow you to add revision notes.

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