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Updated Aug 15, 2018

Checklists are a great way to write standard operating procedures. In this article, you will learn how to create a checklist in ScreenSteps.

Note: Checklist articles are available in the Growing Bussiness plan.

Note: Checklist articles are only available in the ScreenSteps knowledge base (e.g. not available for the Zendesk integration).

Create a New Article

1. Click "+" to create a new article

Hover your mouse underneath an article title to see the + icon appear.

2. Select Checklist Article Type

After you name your article, you will need to select the article type.

3. New Checklist Article is Created

1. Edit the Checklist

You can edit the checklist in either the desktop editor or the web editor.

Edit on Desktop

Add a checklist item

A checklist article only allows checklist items at the root level of the document. Checklist items will always be visible to the person reading the checklist article.

Add content below a checklist item

You can add content blocks below a checklist item the same as you would add content in a normal article. You can also add screenshots using the hotkey function--screenshots will be added below the checklist item that is selected.

The editor works the same in the desktop as in the web. The main difference will be that you can add new screenshots and annotate those screenshots using the desktop editor.

Great for when you want to include detailed instructions for specific checklist items.

Edit the Article on the Web

You can edit the article using the web editor. Here are instructions for using the web editor.

1. Click Edit on Web

2. Create a checklist item

To add a checklist item, click the Checkbox.

3. Add content under the checklist item

After you create a checklist item, you can add another checkbox or add more content

Content added below a checklist item can be revealed by clicking on the dropdown next to the checkbox.


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