How to add a link to another article, heading, chapter or manual

Updated Jul 09, 2018

This article will show you how to add a link to an existing article, heading within an article, manual or chapter in your site. The advantage of using this method to add links in your articles is that no matter where you move your articles in your site, ScreenSteps will maintain the link. This prevents your links from breaking if you ever reorganize your site.


reinaldo gregori

What if the article I want to link to does not yet exist? It happens quite frequently to me that while I am writing an article I need to refer to articles or chapters that I haven´t yet written. It would be very helpful if I could "create" these other articles (not their contents, just their names) so I could write them later without having to interrupt the article being written. Is there a way to do that?

Trevor DeVore

@reinaldo - there is not a way to do that at this time.


Has the functionality to link to an article which hasn't yet been written while writing another article been added to the software as yet? If not, this would be extremely useful in the future.

Trevor DeVore

@Julia - No, it is not possible to create an article from the link dialog.


It also looks like no anchor links will work until/unless the thing is published to zendesk. Then, if it's not ready, have to go and hide it right away, then the links will work.
Does this sound correct? If there's another way, that would be really helpful.
The link changes once it's 'published' so no way to get that without publishing.

Trevor DeVore

@Cayenne - yes, that is correct. ScreenSteps can't generate a link if the article doesn't exist on Zendesk. Otherwise there is no URL to insert into the link. We don't have a way to automatically go back and republish articles with links to an article you just published.

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