How to embed HTML (or a hosted video)

When editing an article you can follow these instructions add HTML to an article. Use this technique to embed videos hosted on video services into your articles.

Embedding HTML in an article (web)

Click on the + icon

Click Embed HTML

Embedding HTML in an article (desktop)

Click on the + icon.

Select Embed HTML from the menu

Add your HTML

If your YouTube video is marked as "Private," you  can't get the embed code. But if it's marked as "Unlisted" (or something along those lines) or "Public," then you can get the embed code.


Ginger Oliver

I do not know HTML - what am I supposed to put in this text box? I have a screen capture video I want to attach to my article.
Thank you,

Trevor DeVore

@Ginger You would need to upload your video to a video hosting service such as YouTube or Wistia. Here is an example of how to find the HTML code that you use if your video is hosted on YouTube.

Greg Bilke

I am not seeing the + icon. What view is the example showing?

Trevor DeVore

@Greg The view is from the article editor. Either the web article editor or the ScreenSteps desktop editor.

Katy Byrne

Is there a way to have a "full screen" option on your embedded videos?

Trevor DeVore

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