How to Create an Article Template

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You can use article templates to create more consistent looking articles across your organization. For example, when an author is writing a policy, he or she can use your Policy Template, which can include prompts for filling in fields, tables, etc.

1. Click the article title

You can create a template from any existing article, but you may want to create an article specifically to act as a template and include "template" in the title. Articles do not need to be published to be used as a template.

2. Check the box next to "Use as template"

If the box is greyed-out, reach out to your ScreenSteps administrator and ask them to add the "Manage Article Templates" Admin Module to your user permissions.

3. Note that the article appears as a template option

When an author creates a new article, he or she will be able to choose the article from a list of templates.


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