How to move or copy headings and other content from one article into a new article

Updated Aug 05, 2019

This feature is only available in the desktop editor.

Create target article

First you need to create the article that you want to move the steps into. Just create an empty article and open it for editing.

Open article with steps you want to move

You should now have two articles open.

Option 1: Copy and Paste

With both articles open you can copy select the content you want to copy and use Edit > Copy to copy the content to the clipboard. Now switch to the new article and use Edit > Paste to paste the content.

Option 2: Drag steps from one article to another

If you want to copy the steps, hold down the option (Mac) or alt (Windows) key while you drag the steps.

Drag steps from one article to another

The steps are moved to the new article. In the screenshot below the content was copied from one document to the other.


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