How to Certify the Contents of an Article

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Once you (or someone from your team) has gone through the process of reviewing and updating an article, you can certify it by following the steps below (these instructions assume someone has already tracked certification for the article).

1. Enter the article preview

Click on an article title from the admin site to preview it.

2. Click the Certifications tab

3. Click Certify This Article

If the site setting to Require process owners for articles is checked, then only the Process Owner selected in the yellow highlighted field will be able to do so. You can adjust this site setting by following the instructions in this article: How to Require/Not Require Process Owners for Article Certification

4. Certify the article

  1. Optional: Add any pertinent notes regarding the certification
  2. Note the date the certification will be valid till
    • This is based on the "Certify every" field set in the previous screenshot. This can be adjusted post-certification, if needed.
  3. Click Certify

5. View the new certification listing

Note that the first time you certify an article, a new Next Certification Date field (highlighted in yellow) will appear and will be populated with a date that has been calculated based on the date of certification and the Certify every cadence. This field can be manually edited, if needed. Once this date passes, the Process Owner for the article will receive an email notifying them that the article's certification has expired.

Clicking the arrow next to the certification will display any comments that were added, along with a link to view the version that was certified.


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