Create a foldable section

To create a foldable section, you must first create a heading. All content that is under that heading in the outline view will be folded up underneath that heading. To move content underneath a heading, use the indenting/outdenting feature.

Creating a foldable section

You can create a foldable section using either the web editor or the desktop editor.

Creating a foldable section (web)

Click on a heading in the outline view

Click on Foldable section

Content is now folded up underneath that heading

Click on the triangle next to the heading to unfold content.

Creating a foldable section (desktop)

To create a foldable section:

  1. Select a heading from the outline view
  2. Check the box for Foldable section

Content is folded in the section

The blue triangle represents a foldable section. In the editor a foldable section will mimic what the user will see in the web browser. If you collapse the heading while editing then the content will be hidden from view in the editor. If you expand the heading then the content will reappear in the editor.


If you are publishing your content to Zendesk then you will need to add some CSS and Javascript to your Zendesk HC.


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